Freshwater Fishing Tips
That Work On Every Lake, Stream, River, or Pond!

Do you need reliable freshwater fishing tips? What if I told you that you will be eating fresh fish for dinner tonight? Guaranteed!

Are you one of the 40+ million anglers in the U.S. that love fishing so much, but after spending your hard earned money on the latest "hot" lure or special bait - (guaranteed to help you catch your limit!) come home empty-handed - and have to admit to being skunked once again?

I use to be that guy! (30 years ago)

A nice Redear!

Over the years, and after thousands of hours fishing, I have learned some simple tips and tricks that anyone can use to catch more bluegill, bass, trout, walleye, whatever! Even when others can't even get a nibble! By learning some of my techniques and following my tips, you will be able to catch fish when others can't.

Increasing your catch is NOT LUCK. It's KNOWLEDGE. Knowledge learned from years of experience. From knowing what has failed or been successful. And not just one time, but consistently. Like how to use the STUTSIE worm. Like using the right bait and hooks. Rigging the line properly and following my methods for the type of lake structure you are fishing.

Let me help you create some of the same fond memories that I have of catching fish with my kids, friends, and family. Share the great feeling of providing fresh fish on the dinner table. My tips and techniques will help make for a delicious healthy meal, fit for a king, from fish that were swimming around just hours earlier.

Memories that will last a lifetime for you and your son or daughter. Catching that first fish is such a great thrill and that great feeling is my reason for creating this website:

My guide to all the tips, tricks, equipment, resources, and general know-how to guarantee you will have a great day angling!

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