Finally Adirondack Polywood Chairs That Are Maintenance Free

I fell in love with these adirondack polywood chairs, the first time I sat in one. Called an "Adirondack" chair, I guess they were first conceived and produced by the people that lived around the Adirondack Mountains. Its’ sloping seat, rounded back, and horizontal arms, make it unlike other chairs, and convey the style and sense of “relaxation and comfort”.

Making it the perfect chair for a deck, patio, porch, beach, poolside, or anywhere really. The horizontal arms provide a perfect place to set your favorite beverage of the moment as you relax and enjoy your surroundings.

My first Adirondack chairs were made of pine and came as a kit. I spent several days assembling and painting them (with 20 year primer and paint) and they were beautiful and enticing on my beach by the lake.

With the winters being as harsh as they are in Indiana, every fall I would store them inside and bring them out again in the spring. Still between the sun, rain, and insects, they only lasted for 4 seasons! By the fifth year, they were rickety, and some of the slats were broken. Very disappointing! So after only 5 years, they were only good for one thing: firewood.

Sadly, I watched my good times go up in smoke and became determined to find an Adirondack chair that would outlast me and could be passed down to my kids as an heirloom full of memories from the beach by the lake.

I am glad to say that I have finally found the perfect adirondack polywood chairs. They are made of recycled plastics - like milk jugs, liquid laundry soap, softener jugs, etc.

These recycled materials are used to form a new highly durable substance called Polywood.

The adirondack polywood chairs available through my website are the best made chair I have found. They are maintenance-free, are assembled with stainless steel fasteners, and are perfect for commercial or residential use. I guarantee you will absolutely love these chairs!

One of the really great features of these chairs that you rarely find in others, is the folding capability - they fold up for storage or transporting. Also the all important thickness of the polywood boards - this is very important when buying this type of chair, since thickness prevents warpage over time.

These chairs are thicker than most others of the same price, will hold a 400 lb. person, and will stay beautiful year after year with no rotting, splitting, or cracking. No need to bring these chairs inside for the winter, unless you’re afraid they might come up missing!

Our Adirondack Polywood Chairs are available in eleven different colors that will not fade in a few years.


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Folding Polywood Adirondack Chairs
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