When Are The Best
Fishing Times? Check Out
Our New Solunar Forecast
And Catch More Fish!

If you only knew the best fishing times
on any given day, you could plan your fishing trip and
catch more fish, right? Well now you can!
Our solunar forecast gives the minor and major times
that fish are active.


The moon has a powerful influence on the best fishing times just as it does for earths' ocean tides. The moon is approximately one quarter diameter the size of earth, but has enough gravitational pull to raise and lower the worlds oceans by up to 40 feet! That kind of power is a definite influence on the feeding and breeding cycles of fish.

Most fisherman know that the best time to catch fish is during dawn or dusk. Fish are most active during this time because it is the natural time for fish to ambush their prey, using the low light levels to their advantage. But if you can coincide this naturally active feeding time with the power of the moon, you can double your chances of landing the big one or even limiting out!

Have A Great Day Fishing!


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