Carp Fishing?! Why would anyone WANT to catch a carp?

Carp fishing is not something most people do on purpose. Many times I have been fishing and caught one by accident. But never have I caught one because I meant to. However, as I think back to the Carp I have reeled in, they did put up a good fight, and they gave me the pleasure of that good fight. Right up to when they surfaced and I could see what I had on my hook. Many a Carp has dashed my hopes when it surfaced.

Man! Are they an ugly fish! Their bottom feeding mouth has some ugly lips that no one would want to kiss. I can see why their popularity never took off. But if you can get past how ugly they are, they do put up a great fight. And Carp can grow to upwards of 50 lbs!

Believe it or not, Carp were introduced in the state of Maryland back in the late 1800's by the U.S. Government. Celebrated as a sport fish in Europe, it's introduction was meant to be another source of food for American waters. Most anglers don't go Carp fishing because the Carp is widely considered to be a scrub fish not worthy for the plate. At least that is the case in the U.S. and Australia.

However, they are eaten with pleasure in many other countries. The key is in the cleaning. Carp have several bone lines and a mud vein that should be removed for better flavor. I have included this free ebook that gives some good tips on how to fish for Carp and how to clean them. If you are planning to go Carp fishing soon, give it a read before you head out. The guys that are really into catching Carp usually have their own secret recipe carp bait that they make themselves.

If Carp fishing is your cup of tea, then you might like this video.

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