A Good Fishing Buddy
is Hard to Find!

Being a good fishing buddy is not always easy. If you are lucky enough to be asked along for a day of fishing, here are some tips you should know that might mean the difference between being asked to go again or not.

The Boat

First consider that not everyone is lucky enough to have a boat. So if you know someone that does and that person asks you along for a day of fishing, you will want to provide good support and companionship. Above all – respect the boat and your fishing buddy.

  • Boats of all kinds, require a lot of upkeep and are definitely luxury items that cost money to operate. It takes a lot of time and effort to maintain a boat. So goes the term many boat owners use: pouring money down a hole. The last thing you want to do is trash your partners boat or cause extra work and clean up by dropping chips, food, drinks, worms, etc. inside the boat and all over the carpet. So be careful with your drinks and snacks.
  • Bring along your own old towel. This is something most people forget to do. A towel will come in handy in several ways. If you hook a fish and it's bleeding you can bring it in the boat over the towel and not worry about messing up your fishing buddy's boat. If you don't like getting barbed from the fish's fins while you remove the hook or lure, you can use the towel around the fish as you hold it. Then, there are the obvious uses – like when you need to get the fish slime off your hands after landing one, spill something, or get splashed by a rogue wave.
  • Be prepared to help launch the boat. One reason boat owners want partners is to help with the boat. It is much easier to launch the boat if you have someone that can back the boat and trailer into the water and the park the vehicle and trailer. Be sure to lock up the vehicle and take the keys back to your fishing buddy. Be prepared to go get the boat and trailer and back it into the water at the end of the day. Watch for your partners signal as you slowly back the trailer into the water, ask for a signal when you have reached the right depth for him or her to trailer the boat correctly.
  • The Gear

  • Fishing gear can be expensive, but if you can, bring along your own. If you use you partner's gear and you break it, you will need to offer to replace it. Using your own gear is always better, since you will be more familiar with it and know exactly how it works.
  • Be careful getting into and out of the boat. This is how the majority of fishing poles get broken. Try to keep poles off the floor if possible, so this doesn't happen.
  • Casting

  • Respecting your fishing buddy's space while casting is one of the most important things you can do if you want to be asked back again. And it's a safety consideration also. Some heavy lures have very large treble hooks that can really do a lot of damage if you hook your partner. Always know where your partner is when casting out. Remember your partner is behind you! I have had my hat removed and thrown out in the lake, and believe me when I say, I didn't appreciate it! That could have been my eyeball just as easily!
  • Also, if you want to stay on your partner's good side, don't cross their line. There is nothing more irritating than having someone cross your line, and then when you reel in, you have a tangled mess with them.
  • The Fish

  • You should always have a way to take a picture with you. Take pictures of the fish you and your fishing buddy catch. You never know when you will catch the fish of a lifetime! Most cell phones make it easy to snap a picture these days. Then you can come back to this site –

    Freshwater-Fishing-Tips.com and create your own web page to show off your fish and let our visitors know of your experience.

  • Take along a cooler for your fish. You should always have a cooler for your drinks and then it doubles as a fish container at the end of the day. And if you use my tips, like the stutsie technique, you better take a large cooler!
  • At the end of the day, always offer to help your fishing buddy clean the fish. You should have your own fillet knife with you for this. Cleaning fish is a chore that can always use an extra set of hands. I use the Rapala7 Fish'n Fillet / Single Stage Sharpener / Sheath. I like it because it really holds an edge and if you accidently drop it in the water, it will float because of the wooden handle.
  • Last But Not Least

    Always be sure to have your fishing license with you! And know the rules and regulations of your state. Know the type of fish you catch and size limits that are legal to keep. Know how many you can legally keep. If you are stopped by the DNR and don't have a license, have too many, or not the right size, they can take your gear, your partner's gear, and your partner's boat. So be a good fishing buddy and be legal.

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