Pontoon Fishing? Fishing From A Pontoon Is Not Difficult. Here's Why....

Pontoon fishing with the kids? If you have ever tried fishing from a pontoon, you know that it can be difficult. A pontoon or deckboat actually makes a sturdy and steady boat to fish from. Unlike smaller, more conventional fishing boats that sway with the waves from other boats on a busy lake day.

Here are some tips that I use when fishing from my pontoon.

  • You will need a second anchor – If you are trying to fish a spot and the wind picks up, one anchor will not hold the larger mass of a pontoon. I like to attach one to the front and one to the back to prevent the pontoon from spinning in a circle as the wind shifts.
  • If you are pontoon fishing and have a canopy or bimini top and can lower it, do this before fishing for easier trouble-free casting.
  • When pontoon fishing, bring along several old bath towels and a plastic storage container to put the bait in. One towel is spread out over a seat centrally located with the plastic container on top. The other towel is used to clean your hands after getting a worm from the container or after removing a fish. This really saves a lot of mess. And if you have a new pontoon, you don't want worm dirt everywhere.
  • Have a separate container to put the fish in. A cooler works fine for this. However, I like to spend long hours fishing and had a live-well put in. This is easy to do if you have flip up seat storage for life jackets. Any local marina can usually do this, and keeping fish alive until time to clean them is always a good idea.
  • If a fish swallows the hook, you can hold it over the old towels while performing surgery to prevent it from bleeding all over the carpet and/or seats.
  • Be sure to take your fishing license with you and observe all fishing and boating laws. Everyone in the boat needs a properly sized life jacket and if you live in Indiana, be sure and have a “throw-able” seat cushion or round life saver attached to a rope. This is a new requirement in Indiana.

    If you have any more tips or ideas for fishing from a pontoon, please use the feature below.

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