Get Your Stutsie Worm and
Clean Up on the Bass!

The Stutsie worm is made locally by the Amish here in Indiana. They are sold locally in bait shops and are best sellers in every one. Once you try one of these worms, you will be spoiled by the way they attract fish to bite.

And I'm not just talking bass here, because I have caught just about every kind of freshwater fish in the lake with this amazing rubber worm! Something about it's neutral buoyancy in water makes it irresistible to fish. They just want to bite it!

If you use my bass fishing technique with one of these worms (rigging it like I describe) you will be amazed at the results!

The Amish are known for quality in their craftsmanship, and they are definitely results oriented when it comes to fishing. Just as they are when making furniture, farming, or baking.

Known for their attention to form and function, they have put their heart and soul into this worm. And boy does it work!

I can't find these anywhere on the internet, which is why I decided to offer them here. The local supply is going to definitely be limited. So get yours today!

Purple Blue Flake
$ 2.99

Lime Tail Black Silver Flake
$ 2.99

Bubblegum Tail Purple Blue Flake
$ 2.99

Moss Blue and Yellow Flake
$ 2.99

Smokey Red Flake
$ 2.99

I want to hear about your success with the Stutsie worm! I also want to see what all you catch with this amazing worm. So....

Send Us Your Comments and Pictures About This Amazing Worm!


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